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Who Is The OSWNY? The Optical Society of Western New York (OSWNY) is an organization of over 100 licensed opticians and contact lens practitioners. Membership in the OSWNY in large part is due to the participants quest to elevate their knowledge and skill level in the field of opticianry and contact lenses.

The OSWNY, now the premier optical society in Western New York, was founded in 2006 and is still steadily growing in membership. Our growth and success is a result of the quality and quantity of seminars offered to the members.

All licensed opticians are required to have at least 18 hours of New York State CEC approved credits over a three year period. The OSWNY offers its members over 12 continuing education credits each year. This number of credits not only offers ample opportunity for participation but also allows the licensed individuals a venue for excellent growth in the field due to the careful selection of special guest speakers and material that comprise the seminars.

November 19th Speaker
Craig Norman

Mr. Norman is the Director of Research at the Michigan College of Optometry, Ferris State University. A graduate of the University of Minnesota’s Physician Assistant of Ophthalmology program and a clinician for 30+ years, he has been involved in the development and evaluation of numerous products and technologies in the soft, GP and scleral lens category.

Mr. Norman is a Consulting Editor to the Contact Lens Spectrum where he has authored a column on Prescribing for Presbyopia for over a decade, an Editorial Board Member for the Refractive Eyecare journal and Editorial Advisory Board Member of AllAboutVision.com. He is a Member of the Advisory Panel of the GP Lens Institute and has been an Advisory Panel Member to numerous SCL and GP lens companies. Presently, he is also an Education Committee Chairman of the Global Specialty Lens Symposium.

He has published over 150 articles, posters, videos and book chapters on GP and Soft Lens Design, Presbyopic Contact Lenses, Specialty Contact Lens Uses and Eye Care Practice Management and has lectured extensively throughout the world on a variety of contact lens and eyecare related topics.

He was recently recognized by Contact Lens Spectrum as one the 30 most influential in contact lenses in the past 30 years.

November 19th Speaker

Dr Sangita Patel MD PHD
Ross Eye Institute

Corneal & external Disease

Topic: "A Modern Update of the Cornea", including Cornea Transplant Techniques.